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More ways to do Galati well

by Bogdan Dinca Galațiul has gone through two major crises in the last two years – the pandemic and the flight of the Ukrainian citizens from the war. Galați Community Foundation managed to mobilize resources

Old age does not come with fiddlers

Articol de Ruxandra Pătrașcu-Maian Două femei mănâncă prăjitură cu fructe într-un apartament luminos de la etajul nouă. Sunt încercuite de o mobilă decojită de timp, pe care s-au răcit o

The ingredients of the altruists network in Iasi: a foundation, hundreds of gifted students and enough donors willing to give wings

by Alexandra Filip Denisa has finally taken "some things for high school", Andreea managed to pay almost entirely for her hostel and canteen, and Andrei has already had four personal exhibitions

How do we help the remaining Ukrainians? "War is war, but children need education"

by Cătălin Hopulele The Bethany Foundation was to open in July in Iasi the first "Community Center for Children and Families in Ukraine". But refugee families began to come, with

Do we really want the villages to disappear?

by Patricia Cîrtog 16 years ago, the Slimnic Commune Hall, Sibiu County, allocated 35,000 lei to replace the latrines in the courtyard of the Russian village school with modern toilets. Everything

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Chronicles of Philanthropy

Every community has the resources to become a better and stronger home for the people who live in it. We, the Association for Community Relations, have the mission to discover, cultivate and use these resources to give people hope, but also a framework in which they can act.

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