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The Chronicles of Philanthropy


For us, philanthropy is one of the ways we can grow and develop our communities and turn them into home. We know that generosity and involvement can be the critical masses that push the balance for the better. Since 2001, we have been supporting those who want to do good with their heads and hearts. We provide them with our infrastructure and experience, so that their ideas grow and turn into change.

Over the years, we have seen hundreds, thousands of initiatives that have made waves, that have provided hope and optimism. And for them and for the other countless initiatives that will come out, we've done the Chronicles of Philanthropy.

This editorial project is dedicated to those who bring an alternative, who were stubborn not to leave the country when it was difficult for them, who find the strength to fight and for those who can not or who do not know how.

We are many who do good, we have islands of generosity and involvement in every city in the country, and through the Chronicles of Philanthropy we want to show that we are not alone. That there are many who think alike, who have the same energy and the same incredible vision of change.


Our mission

"We strongly want community members to take back their power over their destiny. To build bridges of trust in communities and to be able to intervene quickly and efficiently in solving problems in the education, health or social care system. That is why we come with Chronicles of Romanian Philanthropy to encourage, with concrete examples and measurable results, those who want to bring about a change in their community. "

Dana Pîrţoc, CEO ARC

Get to know the team

Vlad Odobescu

Vlad Odobescu

Sinziana Wolff

Sînziana Wolff

George Gurescu

George Gurescu

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Chronicles of Philanthropy

Every community has the resources to become a better and stronger home for the people who live in it. We, the Association for Community Relations, have the mission to discover, cultivate and use these resources to give people hope, but also a framework in which they can act.

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